Application Link Exam Registration Information
Prerequisites 18 years of age
Necessary Categories Category Description Page
Grade to Pass 70%
Study Materials Study Material PDFs and WSU Extension Links
Recertification Requirements 12 CEUs every 3-year cycle
CEU Links Recertification Page
Business License No business license required
Renewal Time Up to 3 years from issue date (depending on test scores)
Reciprocity (non-residents) None
Technician Requirements (Supervision) Technicians must all be certified by taking the technician exam (Category 19). Certified technicians can only apply general use pesticides.
State Website DEC Pesticide Control Program
Fertilizer Applicator License Not required
Notification Laws Posting/Registry
Registered Products AK Registered Products
Laws and Regulations AK Regulations
Other Useful Links Information for Certified Applicators
Drone Supervision TBD as needed