Applicator Information (Ornamental and Turf Related) Application and Renewal Links for LANDSCAPING
Applicator Information (NON-OT) Application and Renewal Links for OTHER Categories
Prerequisites None
Necessary Categories Additional permit required if you want to apply 2,4-D in the state
Grade to Pass 70%
Study Materials (CORE Manual) NASDA CORE Manual
Study Materials (Landscaping) Category Manuals Through UA Extension
Study Materials (Other) Applicator Training Information
Recertification Requirements Attend Recertification training at least once every 3 year cycle
CEU Links UA Extension
Business License Firm license required to apply pesticides. Firms must have a qualified applicator to apply.
Renewal Time December 31st Annually
Reciprocity (non-residents) Approval on a case-by-case basis. Must have the resident state's department send over your licensing information to indicate good standing.
Technician Requirements Must be a "registered agent." A certified applicator cannot oversee more than 30 agents. Must receive 40 hours of on-the-job training by an applicator who is a qualified trainer (certified, with 1 year experience, or Plant Board approval), and pass the agent exam. Must receive at least 6 hours of continuing education each year (OT ONLY - other categories would register employees as pesticide technicians and also require a training component)
State Website Main Webpage – Landscaping under the “Regulatory” section and Other is under the “Pesticide” section
Fertilizer Applicator License Only required to sell/distribute
Recertification Course Approval Recertification is only offered through the UA Extension
Notification Laws No state laws in place
Registered Products AR Products
Laws and Regulations Laws and Regulations
Drone Supervision TBD As Needed