Application Link Click on "individual licenses and certificates" for qualified applicator information
Qualified Applicator License vs Qualified Applicator Certificate This article breaks down the difference. A QAL is necessary for each pesticide business license
Necessary Categories QAC/QAL Category Descriptions
Grade to Pass 70%
Study Materials Click the PDF link for “Qualified Applicator Certificate and Qualified Applicator License”
Recertification Requirements Scroll down to “License Holders”
CEU Links DPR Approved Courses
Business License Must be registered with DPR and each county you work in. A QAL must be employed to have a business license.
Licensing Forms Scroll down to “pest control business license packet”
Renewal Time December 31st of the following calendar year (2 year cycle), Business licenses December 31st annually
Reciprocity (non-residents) None
Technician Requirements Annual PSIS N-Series Training required, QALs must supervise the application by noncertified applicators related to the hazard of the situation (on-site presence isn't required unless the label says so). If the tech is a QAC, no supervision required
State Website DPR Website
Fertilizer Applicator License Required for the Firm
Recertification Course Approval Scroll Down for CE Sponsor Information
Notification Laws There is a notification law in place in Title 3
Transport/Storage/Disposal Storage, transport, disposal regulation
Registered Products DPR Registered Products
Laws and Regulations Laws and Regulations
Drone Supervision PIC must also be a licensed applicator, must acquire a minimum number of apprentice hours under a master applicator